tension headache

Tension Headache

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A tension headache can be quite painful as many of you know. Long days at work, perhaps sitting for long hours at your desk, sitting staring at a computer, or just a bad day of high stress can all contribute. It is rare for anyone to go through life without having this happen to them.

If you feel your muscles in the neck and shoulders at that time you will see they are very tight and may feel sore. This indicates a headache related to stressful situations.

Take a deep breath! Utah Laser Therapy provides relief for these occasions.

In as little as 5 minutes, a laser treatment can melt away the pain and immediately loosen tight, sore muscles in the neck and head. Nearly all of our patients have issues with tight muscles which contribute to chronic pain. We find that just a few minutes of laser therapy quickly loosens up those tight muscles and speeds relief. Our clients can attest to the immediate improvement.

We treat the neck, base of the skull, around the ears, forehead, and temple area. It is like getting a massage, only better! Contact us to schedule your pain relief today.

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