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I had a fibroma on arch of the right foot progressively worsening over 2 years. Tried steroid injections, physical therapy, manipulative therapy without much success. Steroids caused a plantar facial tear. It grew to the size of a golfball. The next step would have been extensive surgery and months of non-weight bearing. We tried this laser therapy and within 12 hours had a 20% decrease in size of the fibroma!!! By 24 hours it was down 30% of its original size. After 4 weeks and 8 therapy sessions, it is around 5% of its original size!!! I have no pain associated with this fibroma all thanks to Utah Laser Therapy.

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I had issues with chronic back and neck pain for a number of years which would flair up from time to time. I was out raking leaves October 2016 and twisted my ankle and tweaked my back. I could barely move. I had laser therapy on the left ankle, lumbar and cervical spines. Immediately after the first treatment, my ankle no longer pained, and my lower back seemed much better. This therapy INCREASED THE RANGE OF MOTION IN MY NECK!!! Wow!!! I am thrilled!!!

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I have been treated by the Muirs on multiple occasions. The laser therapy helps speed the healing process, and I quickly saw some improvement. Garth and Melissa are very knowledgeable, and treated me like a VIP every time I received treatment. I would definitely recommend giving Utah Laser Therapy an opportunity to help you recover from your injuries.

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